Brecknock Battalion

In addition to the Regulars still serving with the Colours, those serving in the Army Reserve, and the Special Reservists, there were the men of the Territorial Force, having their roots in the Volunteers.

At the outbreak of war, there was one battalion, the Brecknock Battalion, but there would be three as the was progressed. Under the terms of engagement, they were not obliged to serve overseas, but after the outbreak of war, many signed up for the “Imperial Service Obligation”, consenting ‘in the event of national emergency, to serve in any place outside of the United Kingdom.’

The Brecknock battalion embarked the “Dilwara” troopship at Southampton on 29 October 1914, making a transfer at Bombay, and ending up at Aden thereafter. As a consequence of their time in Aden, they became eligible for the 1914/15 Star. The names of the men of the Brecknock Battalion are listed on the medal roll, reference WO 329/2696.