As well as 1914 Star recipients of the 1st Battalion, and the men in China of the 2nd Battalion, there were others. I have now added the names of those other men, about 300 men in total.

The first subgroup is those other men who enlisted under Special Reserve terms of service.

For the remaining men, all regulars, they have been split into:

  • Home Service (no medals)
  • BWM recipients (many also received the Victory Medal too)
  • 1914-15 Star part 1 recipients
  • 1914-15 Star part 2 recipients

With regard to the theatres of war, the code on the Medal Index Card and the respective description is in the table below

Code Description
1A France & Belgium
2B Gallipoli
2 Balkans
4 Egypt
5A East Africa
5C Cameroon
6B Mesopotamia
6H Tsingtao