Prisoners of War 1914

The first eighty eight names are from the Princess Mary Gift Fund POW list and further notes are given in the final column.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, Paul Nixon’s post will give a better explanation of these lists

Here is Paul’s comment on the South Wales Borderers, his listing containing the eighty eight, as well as five repatriated in February 1915, and the mysterious Private Johnson, who appears in the Red Cross records, but not in the War Office records!

First Name Last Name Regimental Number entry from To Notes
John Callan 9093 13-Aug-1914 26-Aug-1914  
George Richards 9375 13-Aug-1914 26-Aug-1914  
Richard Burrows 8713 13-Aug-1914 03-Sep-1914  
Sidney Davies 8105 13-Aug-1914 03-Sep-1914  
Thomas John Williams 8228 13-Aug-1914 03-Sep-1914  
William Bates 7832 13-Aug-1914 08-Sep-1914  
Robert Beadles 8376 13-Aug-1914 11-Sep-1914  
William Anderson 6313 17-Sep-1914 26-Sep-1914  
Patrick Campbell 6231 27-Aug-1914 26-Sep-1914  
Samuel Griffiths 10786 13-Sep-1914 26-Sep-1914  
Frederick Court 8587 13-Aug-1914 26-Sep-1914 A
Charles English 9702 13-Aug-1914 26-Sep-1914 A
Alfred Hall 8467 13-Aug-1914 26-Sep-1914 A
Arthur Richard Hall 10296 13-Aug-1914 26-Sep-1914 A
Leonard Hancock 13032 13-Sep-1914 26-Sep-1914 A
James Hayes 6103 31-Aug-1914 26-Sep-1914 A
Charles Sidney Hiron 7785 13-Aug-1914 26-Sep-1914 A
Henry Charles Holland 10523 31-Aug-1914 26-Sep-1914 A
William James 7255 31-Aug-1914 26-Sep-1914 A
David Leach 6221 13-Sep-1914 26-Sep-1914 A
Clifford Lewis 10746 13-Aug-1914 26-Sep-1914 A
Arthur Livingstone 9073 13-Aug-1914 26-Sep-1914 A
Henry Mellor 11415 13-Sep-1914 26-Sep-1914 A
Walford Milford 8868 13-Aug-1914 26-Sep-1914 A
Frederick Millward 6207 31-Aug-1914 26-Sep-1914 A
Ernest Newcombe 8506 13-Aug-1914 26-Sep-1914 A
William James Pennington 9835 13-Aug-1914 26-Sep-1914 A
Edward Shaw 9530 13-Aug-1914 26-Sep-1914 A
William Spooner 7418 13-Aug-1914 26-Sep-1914 A
Richard Welsh 7335 27-Aug-1914 26-Sep-1914 A
John William West 9536 31-Aug-1914 26-Sep-1914 A
Henry Thomas Williams 7801 13-Aug-1914 26-Sep-1914 A
Frederick Bailey 10309 13-Aug-1914 21-Oct-1914  
Sidney Harold Bailey 8592 13-Aug-1914 21-Oct-1914  
Adolphus Henry Betty 11003 13-Aug-1914 21-Oct-1914  
Henry William Frank Cowdery 10829 13-Aug-1914 21-Oct-1914  
William Davies 11006 13-Aug-1914 21-Oct-1914  
Samuel George Dolling 9290 13-Nov-1914 21-Oct-1914  
John Evans 7925 13-Aug-1914 21-Oct-1914  
William Henry Eyles 6220 13-Sep-1914 21-Oct-1914  
William France 8026 13-Aug-1914 21-Oct-1914  
Herbert Jones 6323 31-Aug-1914 21-Oct-1914  
Noel Lewis 11054 13-Aug-1914 21-Oct-1914  
David Meredith 8800 13-Aug-1914 21-Oct-1914  
James Morgan 11681 13-Sep-1914 21-Oct-1914  
George Morrissey 10925 20-Sep-1914 21-Oct-1914  
John Murphy 7889 31-Aug-1914 21-Oct-1914  
George Henry Phillips 9165 13-Aug-1914 21-Oct-1914  
Thomas Rees 11749 13-Sep-1914 21-Oct-1914  
Jacob Smith 8113 13-Aug-1914 21-Oct-1914  
William Granville Taylor 7922 13-Aug-1914 21-Oct-1914  
William John Wheeler 8977 13-Aug-1914 21-Oct-1914  
John Willenbrook 9100 13-Aug-1914 21-Oct-1914  
Alfred Edwin Hall 8842 13-Aug-1914 22-Oct-1914  
Frederick Franklin 9396 13-Aug-1914 24-Oct-1914  
Alfred Albert Herbert 10904 13-Aug-1914 28-Oct-1914  
John Isaac Williams 3/10562 20-Sep-1914 29-Oct-1914  
Edward Digby 8118 13-Nov-1914 30-Oct-1914  
James Edward Collman 9646 13-Aug-1914 31-Oct-1914  
Walter Davies 10578 20-Sep-1914 31-Oct-1914  
Frederick John Goodger 9074 13-Aug-1914 31-Oct-1914  
William Harris 9856 13-Aug-1914 31-Oct-1914  
Obed Jenkins 4071371 13-Sep-1914 31-Oct-1914  
Hugh John 11854 13-Sep-1914 31-Oct-1914  
John Lewis 7394 13-Aug-1914 31-Oct-1914  
James Murphy 6466 13-Aug-1914 31-Oct-1914  
Ernest Slade 10887 08-Oct-1914 31-Oct-1914  
Daniel Sullivan 11113 13-Sep-1914 31-Oct-1914  
James Rayner Wiltshire 8743 13-Aug-1914 31-Oct-1914  
Patrick Brian 10414 31-Aug-1914 31-Oct-1914 B
Francis Chipp 10899 13-Aug-1914 31-Oct-1914 B
Frederick Davies 8313 13-Nov-1914 31-Oct-1914 B
Michael George Evans 10744 08-Oct-1914 31-Oct-1914 B
John Flynn 10896 31-Aug-1914 31-Oct-1914 B
Sidney Ernest Willoughby Hathaway 8100 13-Aug-1914 31-Oct-1914 B
Harry Hughes 10921 13-Aug-1914 31-Oct-1914 B
John Jones 7974 13-Aug-1914 31-Oct-1914 B
Frederick David Phillips 10917 13-Aug-1914 31-Oct-1914 B
William George Redhead 8555 13-Aug-1914 31-Oct-1914 B
Albert Tidey 9749 13-Aug-1914 31-Oct-1914 B
Thomas Tweedle 8064 13-Aug-1914 31-Oct-1914 B
John Padfield 11724 13-Sep-1914 01-Nov-1914  
William Smith 8950 13-Aug-1914 01-Nov-1914  
George Hawkins 9185 13-Aug-1914 02-Nov-1914  
Herbert Taylor 10755 13-Sep-1914 02-Nov-1914  
Reuben Ernest Turner 8873 13-Aug-1914 05-Nov-1914  
Herbert Hollywell 10809 13-Aug-1914 21-Nov-1914  
James Gilmore 13228 08-Oct-1914 01-Dec-1914  
William Jenkins 7149 26-Aug-1914 26-Sep-1914 C
Nicholas Patrick Mahoney 8897 13-Aug-1914 26-Sep-1914 C
Sidney Archibald James 3/10327 13-Sep-1914 21-Oct-1914 D
Walter Rees Samuels 3/9045 31-Aug-1914 31-Oct-1914 D
David Driscoll 11739 13-Sep-1914 31-Oct-1914 E
David Kenvin 9155 13-Aug-1914 31-Oct-1914 E
Thomas George Perry 3/10628 31-Aug-1914 31-Oct-1914 E


Notes Explanation
A “Missing in France” is taken from The Brecon & Radnor Express, Thursday 3rd December 1914. The same list appears in The Times on Monday 30 November 1914, on page 12. Those surviving ICRC records suggest these men were captured at the engagement on 26 September 1914 at Chivy, France. The next day, the unit was relieved, and went to billets at Œuilly.
B Assumed capture date of 31 October 1914.
C POW fatalities, not on Princess Mary Gift Fund POW list, who were to die in 1915 and 1917.
D Name appears in repatriation list 17 Feb 1915, have determined capture date
E Name appears in repatriation list 17 Feb 1915, cannot determine capture date