Special Reserve 2

These men in the table below are understood to have enlisted in the Special Reserve between July 1908 and April 1910.

Featured man – 3/10523 Private Henry Charles Holland

Henry Charles Holland joined the Special Reserve in December 1909. He would have been mobilised on 8th August at Brecon. His medal index card tells us he arrived in France on 31 August 1914. The war would soon be over for him.
Although his service record has not survived, there are two other sources of information for him. His name is on the Princess Mary Gift Fund list, of men who were POWs as at Christmas 1914. In addition, he is recorded in the records of the Red Cross, which are freely available online at https://grandeguerre.icrc.org/en/. He appears in documents PA 7501, PA2887 & PA2979. It informs us that he was captured on 26 September 1914. It gives his parents address in Abergavenny.

He is documented on the following page

Regimental Number First Name Last Name Rank entry from entry to 1914 Star is with Clasp? Birth Place Date Of Birth Date Of Death Service record survives SWB recipient Enlist date Comments
3/10210 Frederick Jones Private 20-Sep-1914 21-Oct-1914 N Newport, Monmouthshire 1891 21/10/1914 N N
3/10235 Jeremiah Hoffman Private 13-Sep-1914 31-Oct-1914 N Trevethin, Pontypool, Monmouthshire 1889 31/10/1914 N N
3/10239 John Hyett Private 31-Aug-1914 N 1888 not known N Y 08-Jul-1908
3/10251 Thomas Edward Davey Private 13-Sep-1914 07-Feb-1915 N Nether Stowey , Bridgwater , Somerset 02/1891 not known Y Y 13-Jul-1908
3/10255 John Burke Private 02-Nov-1914 25-Jan-1915 N Ebbw Vale , Bedwellty, Monmouthshire 1888 25/01/1915 N N
3/10256 Patrick Kiley Private 13-Sep-1914 N not known not known N N
3/10278 James Keefe Private 13-Sep-1914 30-Oct-1914 N Rhymney, Bedwellty, Monmouthshire 1892 30/10/1914 N N
3/10285 Sidney Alexander Bull Private 08-Oct-1914 27-Dec-1914 N Brynmawr , Crickhowell, Brecknockshire 08/1889 not known Y N 12-Aug-1908
3/10292 Richard Dumayne Private 13-Sep-1914 N Bristol , Somerset 1889 not known N N
3/10303 Herbert Binning Private 31-Aug-1914 26-Sep-2014 N Newport, Monmouthshire 1889 26/09/1914 N N
3/10317 Eugene Sullivan Private 02-Nov-1914 23-Aug-1915 N Ebbw Vale, Bedwellty, Monmouthshire 03/1891 not known Y N 28-Aug-1908 Time Expired.
3/10318 James Murphy Sergeant 02-Nov-1914 22-Dec-1914 N Ebbw Vale , Bedwellty, Monmouthshire 13/05/1891 22/12/1914 N N POW
3/10327 Sidney Archibald James Private 13-Sep-1914 21-Oct-1914 N Mathon , Ledbury , Herefordshire 1889 not known Y N 02-Sep-1908 POW
3/10331 Frank Shea Private 13-Sep-1914 26-Sep-2014 N Newport, Monmouthshire 1890 26/09/1914 N N
3/10337 Charles Bartlett Private 13-Sep-1914 N not known not known N N
3/10341 Stephen Williams Private 31-Aug-1914 Y not known not known N N Time Expired.
3/10364 Henry Harris Private 13-Nov-1914 18-Sep-1915 N Aberbargoed, Bedwellty, Monmouthshire 01/1889 not known Y N 19-Sep-1908 Time Expired.
3/10381 Clement Beddoes Lance Corporal 13-Sep-1914 21-Dec-1914 N Meole, Atcham, Shropshire 1888 21/12/1914 N N
3/10407 Frank Whitton Private 13-Nov-1914 21-Dec-1914 N Pontypridd, Glamorgan 1891 21/12/1914 N N
3/10411 James Horton Private 13-Sep-1914 N not known not known N N Time Expired.
3/10420 John Morris Price Private 20-Sep-1914 01-Jan-1915 N Swansea, Glamorganshire 1886 1/01/1915 N N
3/10422 Richard Reardon Private 31-Aug-1914 N not known not known N N Time Expired.
3/10436 John Lewis Private 02-Nov-1914 N not known not known N N
3/10482 Thomas John Jones Private 31-Aug-1914 N not known not known N N
3/10489 Alfred Hicks Private 13-Sep-1914 Y not known not known N N Time Expired.
3/10497 William Pritchard Sergeant 09-Nov-1914 18-Oct-1915 N Llanvihangel , Abergavenny , Montgomeryshire 1892 not known Y N
3/10501 A Goode Lance Corporal 13-Sep-1914 N not known not known N N
3/10505 John Breeze Private 20-Sep-1914 21-Oct-1914 N Kington, Herefordshire not known 21/10/1914 N N
3/10518 John Joshua Private 13-Sep-1914 N not known not known N N
3/10523 Henry Charles Holland Private 31-Aug-1914 N Abergavenny , Monmouthshire 28/02/1891 not known N N POW
3/10539 Edward Ivor Evans Lance Corporal 20-Sep-1914 11-Nov-1914 N Builth , Brecknockshire 1894 11/11/1914 N N
3/10541 William James Manley Private 20-Sep-1914 N not known not known N N
3/10554 William Hughes Private 31-Aug-1914 N Bangor, Caernarvonshire 1886 5/07/1915 N N Died of wounds from Gallipoli
3/10562 John Isaac Williams Private 20-Sep-1914 N not known not known N N POW
3/10563 Edward James Wonfor Corporal 20-Sep-1914 N Newport, Monmouthshire 1893 not known N Y
3/10566 William Upton Private 31-Aug-1914 24-Dec-1916 N Newport, Monmouthshire 1894 24/12/1916 N N
3/10578 Walter Davies Private 20-Sep-1914 31-Oct-1914 N 1890 not known Y N 06-Apr-1910 POW
3/10594 David Daniel Williams Private 13-Sep-1914 06-Nov-1914 N Pontypridd, Glamorgan 1893 not known Y N 22-Apr-1910
3/10610 Michael O’Connell Private 13-Sep-1914 27-Sep-1914 N Cork, County Cork, Ireland not known Y N 24-May-1910 In Boer War
3/10628 Thomas George Perry Private 31-Aug-1914 Y not known not known N Y