Special Reserve 1

These men in the table below are understood to have served in the militia, and to have transferred across when the Special Reserve superseded it.

Featured man – 3/9340 Private Henry Madden

Henry Madden became a member of the Special Reserve upon its inception on 5th July 1908. This we know from his Silver War Badge. It is my guess that he enlisted in the Militia in October 1907 (this is the case for 9349 Clemens), and transferred across. The one important source document for this man is the British War Medal and Victory Medal roll (WO 329/1089) and is in the specific part with a page header of “Special Reserve”. A relative has found that there is a newspaper article online which refers to him being wounded at the First Battle of Ypres, on 29 October 1914. He was eventually given a medical discharge, dated 10 October 1915 and was issued a Silver War Badge. The SWB roll tells us he was discharged from the regimental depot, usually an indicator that the person is not well. He lived until 1971.

He is documented on the following page


Regimental Number First Name Last Name Rank entry from entry to 1914 Star is with Clasp? Birth Place Date Of Birth Date Of Death Service record survives SWB recipient Enlist date Comments
3/4609 Thomas Humphrey Powell Corporal 02-Nov-1914 26-Dec-1914 Y Kenchester, Hereford, Herefordshire 04/1875 not known Y Y In Boer War
3/7871 Patrick Garvin Private 02-Nov-1914 N Cork, County Cork, Ireland 1885 not known N N
3/8073 James Vertine Private 13-Sep-1914 N 1881 1933 N Y 17-Jun-1903
3/8441 Taliesin Thomas Sergeant 20-Sep-1914 Y not known not known N N
3/8446 James Looney Private 31-Aug-1914 10-Aug-1915 N not known not known N N Time Expired. Served as Williams
3/8721 Aaron Williams Private 31-Aug-1914 Y not known not known N Y
3/8727 Jeremiah Donovan Private 13-Sep-1914 27-Apr-1916 N Blaenavon, Abergavenny , Montgomeryshire 1881 27/04/1916 N N Died at Gibraltar
3/8924 John Marshall Private 13-Sep-1914 21-Aug-1915 N Kinsale, County Cork 1878 21/08/1915 N N Died at Gallipoli
3/8943 John Morgan Thomas Private 09-Nov-1914 N not known not known N N
3/9003 William Geoghagan Lance Corporal 31-Aug-1914 26-Sep-1914 N Merthyr , Glamorganshire 1886 26/09/1914 N N
3/9006 George William Evans Private 13-Aug-1914 15-Nov-1914 N St Pancras, London 1887 15/11/1914 N N
3/9045 Walter Rees Samuels Sergeant 31-Aug-1914 31-Oct-1914 N not known not known N Y POW
3/9160 William John Hammond Private 13-Sep-1914 26-Sep-1914 Y New Tredegar , Gelligaer, Glamorganshire not known 26/09/1914 N N
3/9212 Wilfred Gurden Private 13-Sep-1914 N not known not known N Y
3/9237 John Laffy Private 31-Aug-1914 Y not known not known N N
3/9293 William Victor Lloyd Private 13-Sep-1914 05-Nov-1914 N Llangynidr , Crickhowell , Brecknockshire 1887 05/11/1914 N N
3/9299 Thomas Reynolds Private 02-Nov-1914 22-Aug-1915 N Dilwyn, Weobley, Herefordshire 08/1880 not known Y Y
3/9322 John O’Sullivan Private 13-Sep-1914 Y not known not known N N
3/9340 Henry Madden Private 13-Sep-1914 29-Oct-1914 Y Abergavenny , Monmouthshire 15/05/1889 21/10/1972 N Y
3/9349 Frederick Clemens Private 31-Aug-1914 06-Jan-1915 Y Merthyr, Glamorgan 10/1879 not known Y N Served in the DCLI during the 1890s
3/9362 Samuel Burchell Private 20-Sep-1914 N 1887 not known N Y
3/9392 George Rogers Private 31-Aug-1914 06-Oct-1914 Y Wolverhampton, Staffordshire Y Y 06-Jan-1908 At Gallipoli too
3/9412 George Morgan Sergeant 31-Aug-1914 01-Nov-1914 N Llangattock , Crickhowell , Brecknockshire 1880 not known Y N
3/9414 Ivor Guest Davies Private 02-Nov-1914 29-May-1916 N Newport, Monmouthshire 1891 29/05/1916 N N
3/10001 George Adam Llewellyn Private 13-Sep-1914 N not known not known N N
3/10004 Owen Owens Private 13-Sep-1914 18-Nov-1914 N Dolgelly, Merionethshire not known 18/11/1914 N N
3/10041 James Hines Private 20-Sep-1914 N not known not known N N
3/10049 Thomas Akers Sergeant 20-Sep-1914 21-Oct-1914 N Kings Norton, Worcestershire 1880 21/10/1914 N N
3/10052 John Myatt Private 13-Nov-1914 N not known not known N Y
3/10112 Harry Salter Private 13-Nov-1914 N Llansantfraid , Llanfyllin , Montgomeryshire 1880 13/08/1915 N N Died at Gallipoli
3/10113 William Armstrong Private 20-Sep-1914 01-Nov-1914 N Notting Hill, Kensington, London 01/1883 not known Y N 06-Apr-1908
3/10127 Job Haines Private 31-Aug-1914 31-Oct-1914 Y Wolverhampton, Staffordshire not known 31/10/1914 N N
3/10163 John Welsh Private 31-Aug-1914 N 1876 not known N Y 14-May-1908
3/10195 John Sullivan Private 31-Aug-1914 31-Oct-1914 N Barrow-in-Furness, Lancashire not known 31/10/1914 N N