This part is me whining, and I shall explain for why:

The goal of this website is to provide the viewer with enough info to go away and do some research. If it isn’t on this website – and you ask a question that is in scope – then the answer will simply be “I don’t know”.

I am kept very busy with the website. I have no interest in undertaking research for others, not for free and not for any sum of money.

This is the second website of this type that i have created, and whilst I apologise in advance for whining, it it because: in the past timewasters have ignored what I posted, and think I have nothing better to do….

So, I would be interested to hear from other people if….

You think there is an error in what you see (Maybe the enlistment date got recorded as 2012 rather than 1912)
Your relative is on here but lacking in details (I don’t know his birth date or birth place, but you know that 9876 David Jones was born in Abergavenny in 1887)


I reserve the right to not reply to timewasters, be it from those demanding I research their family, or wondering whether I was mis-sold PPI insurance, worshipped a wrong religion, or was in a traffic accident.